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Realistic Farm Package – Buildings&Furniture

This realistic farm buildings package created from 15 different buildings(excluding fences and planks) ,5 terrain layers, 22 furniture pieces, with over 120 texture sets for a customizable experience. Watermills and Windmills are animated and most of the buildings including Farmhouse, Freenhouse,Barn,Watermill,Uuthouse and Sheds have designed insides. Even the chicken coop have a ladder and functioning door !

Latest Projects on Unity Store

Realistic Farm Buildings

This is the perfect package for making a realistic farming game. It has buildings, terrain layers, furnitures, animations and a built in scene. You can even customize some the buildings.

Realistic Farm PROPS

Realistic game ready farm props, all of the textures have been optimized for minimal size and optimal visuals.All models has 2K textures. Compact and can be used in both URP&HDRP and built in standart Unity.

Realistic gun pack

This package contains 4 realistic game ready guns with hq textures. All of the textures are high quality and package is ready to use in your games.