Realistic Farm Props

Realistic game ready farm props, all of the textures have been optimized for minimal size and optimal visuals.All models has 2K textures. Compact and can be used in both URP&HDRP and built in standart Unity.All models has prefabs and easy to use in your own game.

Realistic Farm Tools Package Includes ;

40 Texture sets (png)

56 Prefabs (unityasset)

44 mesh files(fbx)

Woven Basket, Wooden Bucket, Chainsaw, 2 Dog houses, 1 Fire hydrant, 3 grainbags (open,close and filled) ,Hammer , 2 handaxes , Handsaw, Haybale, Hoe, Empty Jar with a jarlid, 3 different sized crates. 2 Mailboxes, 2 Metal barrels,A Pickaxe, 2 Pillow models and 2 textures set, 2 Pitcher pump, 2 Rocking Chair, 2 Different Scarecrow, Shovel,Sickle, 4 different textured wooden logs, 2 Stool, 3 trash bags, Trovel , Watering Can, Well, Wheelbarrow and A Wooden Barrel

What am i planning to add to package in due time;
Wooden and Metal Ladder
Clay Pots
Flower Pots
Electric Poles
And with your suggestions, many more